Endorsements 2018

Elected Officials

Brian Bagley, Mayor of Longmont

Christine Berg, Mayor of Lafayette

Rita Dozal, Trustee, Town of Superior

Chris Hanson, Trustee, Town of Superior

Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder

Bob Muckle, Mayor of Louisville

Sheriff Joe Pelle, Boulder County Sheriff's Office

Kevin Ryan, Trustee, Town of Superior

Mark Lacis, Trustee, Town of Superior

As a Superior Town Trustee since November 2016, I have an appreciation for the complexities of managing a town such as ours. Now, more than ever, change is coming. Our Town is growing and development is ramping up speed and intensity. We need a leader who will face this change head-on with transparency and ethics. We need a leader who will engage the community, listen to the People, and make smart, informed decisions on how to best shape Superior. Most importantly, we need a leader who is optimistic about our future and dedicated to Superior's success.

I believe that leader is Clint Folsom. I have known Clint for years and as a member of the Town of Superior's Board of Trustees since November 2016, I have had the distinct honor of serving the People of Superior alongside him. Clint is a superb leader. He is smart, honest, capable, and effective. He listens to all Town residents and is constantly giving of his time to our community. He aims high, while focusing Trustee and Staff attention on measurable goals. He is efficient and able to manage a difficult workload while maintaining high standards.

As a community, we are lucky to have someone so dedicated to the Town of Superior. I wholeheartedly endorse Clint Folsom for his re-election as Mayor of the Town of Superior in November 2018.

Superior Residents & Friends

Mike Akins

Kirk Anderson

Kristie Anderson

Nicole Gittens Ashby

Richard Ashby

Michelle Batey

Jennifer Bedford

Jody Bennett

Stanley Benson

Bob Besen

Linda Besen

Brent Bickel: Former chairperson PROSTAC, Town of Superior

I support Clint Folsom for mayor because he listens to everyone, he judges issues based on their merits and he puts the Town first. Also, as a successful business owner, Clint has the executive experience needed to be an effective, productive mayor.

Lynn Bickel

Anna Bissillon

Shawn Bissillon

Carl Blackstone

Dani Bondurant

Dhanwant “JP” Brar

Jim Brzostowicz

Sandra Byrne

Eddie Byrne

Lin Cheng

Joe Cirelli. Former Trustee, Town of Superior

Michele Conaghan

Jim Conaghan

Ali Cortez

Colette Cribari

Matthew Curl

Chuck Cross

Noelle Daniels

Anthony Defauw

Michelle Defauw

Brad Dempsey

Nancy Dempsey

Suzanne DeVenny

Claire Dixon

Dr. Gary Dixon

Sean Dunham

Geralyn Eastman

AJ Ecklahare

Cheryl Ecklahare

Carolann Ellington

Sheriff George Epp, Retired, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, 1990-2003

Karl Fernandes

Caryn Geiger

Dan Geiger

Jenna Girton

Roy Girton

Jen Goldman

Sam Goldman

Elia Gourgouris, Former Trustee, Town of Superior

Chace Griffith

Kirsten Gurmendi

Rick Gurmendi

Lisa-Marie Gustofson

Robyn Hamasaki

Mark Hamilton, former Mayor, Town of Superior (2004 - 2006)

Kellen Hatch

Kelly Hickey

Mike Hickey

Nicosia Hoenninger

Abby Thornell Holmes

Tim Howard

Heidi Howard

Skylar Howard

Lisa Huber

Loretta Huffman

Vaughn Huffman

Dianne Huges

Dawn Hykan

Miles King

Vicki Kupfner

Barbara Jaynes

Kari Johnson

Rob Johnson

Richard Johnson

Jeff Knobel

Shannon Knobel

Jennifer Koschmann

Matt Koschmann

George Leo Kupfner

Jared Kupfner

Christine Lacis

Jenny Lane

Janet Larkins

Carrie Lasker

Johnny Lasker

Melissa Lee

Ryan Lee

Karen Levy

Doug Liles

Jen Loflin

Bruce Macdonald

Jerry Malia

Dr. Heather Malm

Cinthia Manzano

Cathryn Marsh

VicKee McFarren

Helene Meyer

Stephanie Miller

Ross Morgan

Kathy Morgan

Andrew Muckle, former Mayor, Town of Superior (2006-2014)
Michele Muckle

Jodi Mueller

Carrie Nash

Chris Nicholson

Tanya Nicholson

Arthur Obrzut

Marzenna Obrzut

Doug Pearce

Eric Peltier

Robert Phillips

Lori Prater

Pamela Puhl-Quinn

James Rafferty

Jason Reese

Shannan Reese

Margi Resch

Dena Richmond

Roland Rick

Gordon Riggle, Former Boulder City Council Member

Lisa Ritchie

Jeff Roberts

Christy Ryan

Kitty Sargent

Drew Sauer

Jim Sawtelle, Planning Commissioner, Town of Superior

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Clint while serving on the Town of Superior Planning Commission for the past couple of years.  His work ethic is beyond compare, and he devotes tremendous energy toward understanding the issues impacting our community, both large and small.  He is consistently thoughtful, deliberate and careful to ensure that the views of our residents are expressed and considered when addressing any matter of importance to them.  I have great confidence in Clint’s ability to be a highly effective Mayor for our community, and he merits my highest possible recommendation.

Mindy Sawtelle

Cathy Shelby

Jason Shine

Narayan Shrestha

Bill Simmons

Laura Skladzinski

Kerry Stewart

Anthony Stewart

Melissa Thornton

Clint has served this community with class and kindness, forward thinking and inclusive respectful candor.  Please add my name to the list of citizens who proudly endorse him for re-election.

Michael Tinkey

Marta Tinkey

Shantie Toolsie

Jennifer Trujilio

Toby Trujilio

Andrea Vahl

Ellen Vallee

Mark Vallee

Dalton Valette

David Vogel

Tracy Vogel

Angel Vander Mayden

Errol Waligorski

Karen Waligorski

Robin Walter

Todd Walter

John Wehman

Jean Wehman

Phil West, Operations Division Chief, Retired, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

It is an unusual circumstance when I feel that I can endorse a political candidate unreservedly - but such is the case with Clint Folsom.  I am confident in doing so because Clint is not a politician in the common sense of the word. Rather, he is first and foremost a citizen motivated by a personal commitment to public service. It was his motivation to serve others that led to my making his acquaintance when, over 19 years ago, Clint became a member of the Boulder County Sheriff's Reserve unit. As a Reserve deputy, he contributed thousands of hours of voluntary service to the Sheriff's office and the people of Boulder County. He emerged as a leader in the program early on, respected for his intelligence, tact, initiative, and problem-solving skills. He has an ability to clearly articulate an issue and then work cooperatively to develop solutions.  Please join me in supporting Clint Folsom for the office of Mayor of Superior.

Debra Williams,  Trustee, Town of Superior (2006-2014)

Eric Williams

Julie Williams

Mary Windhausen

Brian Winkelbauer

Lindy Winkelbauer

Debbie Yeats

Ming Yin

Mindy Zarske

Jackie Zyvoloski

Dr. Tom Zyvoloski