Re-Elect Clint Folsom

As Mayor my main objectives will be to continue promoting the Town’s visions and Town Board goals.

Land Use – Support decisions that sustain existing home values and compliment the needs and values of our current residents.

Reviewing land use applications is one of the most significant jobs of the Town Board.  When land is developed, or re-developed it will have a lasting effect on our town for generations to come so it is important that we review all proposals very carefully to make sure they represent the best interests of our community.

Local Businesses – Work with our Chamber of Commerce to support existing businesses and attract new businesses to help maintain and improve our sales tax base.

As Mayor I have worked hard with the town staff and the Chamber of Commerce to help attract new businesses and investment to our town so that we maintain and improve our sales tax base.  Did you know that most Superior’s revenue comes from sales tax revenue?   This makes it crucial to maintain and enhance this revenue source by retaining existing businesses and attracting new ones.  When businesses open, I make a point to attend as many of the Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting events as possible to celebrate the new investment in our community.  I also meet regularly with existing business owners to insure the town is doing everything it can to help existing businesses be successful.

Parks, recreation and open space – Promote the development of recreation and community amenities that enhance the value of our community for current and future residents.

Engagement – Promote efficient and timely communication with the community.

During my first term as Mayor I’ve done several things to improve and enhance community engagement.  In 2014, I started the annual State of Superior, Manager & Mayor event.  Each year the event grows and this year we had over 100 guests who attended to learn about what was happening in our town.  I also make it a priority to read and respond to messages on the community email list, social media and other forums to keep people updated with accurate information.  During the last couple of years I’ve attended our two largest community events:  the 4th of July Festival and Chili Fest.  During these events I have a booth where we have giveaways for kids and I can engage with residents.   Responding promptly to email and phone messages is also an important priority.

 Youth – Our children are the future leaders of our community.  Second grade tours at Town Hall, school lunch with the Mayor, field trips with Youth Leadership Council, and classroom visits will all continue as top priorities.

Public Safety- As a former volunteer Reserve Deputy Sheriff with 13 years of service, I know first-hand the many safety and security issues facing our town.  Superior is unique in that it does not have its own police department or fire department, instead these services are provided by outside agencies, specifically the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement and Rocky Mountain Fire for medical and fire protection. As Mayor, I will promote the continuation of these contracted services and engage in continuous dialogue with residents and public safety officials to ensure that our residents needs are being met.

Schools - Excellent schools are one of our greatest assets in Superior.  Like many of you, our family has two children attending the local schools and we love our involvement with the schools.  While school funding and school administration are separate from town government, it is still critical that the town government and the schools have good dialogue and collaboration with each other.   During my 20 years in Superior including my 3 ½ years as Mayor, I have built many positive relationships within our school communities including serving as a Crossing Guard volunteer and coordinator for 9 years, serving as an Eldorado K8 SAC volunteer and I’ve hosted multiple meetings with school administrators, town government and law enforcement to facilitate dialogue among all entities.

Changing Demographics - Even though the Town of Superior was incorporated in 1896, and incorporated as a Town in 1904, most of the town’s population moved to Superior during the build-out of the Rock Creek subdivision in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Many of our residents now have grown children and homes that are way too large.  Other residents may have aging parents that want to live closer but need better housing options without stairs and lots of maintenance. Our property boundaries are most likely not going to change so we need to make the best possible decisions on these last remaining land-use questions.  As mayor, I will continue supporting decisions that will sustain our existing home values, not overburden our schools and complement the needs of our current residents.

Questions and Answers:

Why are you running for re-election?

I’ve truly enjoyed the experience of serving as Mayor.  Whether its visiting with school children and teaching them about local government or discussing transportation challenges with our neighboring communities or reviewing development proposals in town, it has all been challenging and enjoyable.  The term of Mayor is 4 years and I am nearing the end of my first term.  Superior has a two-term limit so if elected in November, that would be my second and final term.  As most residents know, Superior has several significant development projects under construction or on the way.  As Mayor, I want to continue focusing on efficient and collaborative effort to ensure that development projects are completed according to the Town’s visions and that they meet the needs of our Residents. Its critically important that our town has strong leadership in place to face the many challenges that come with development projects.  With almost 10 years of service to our community on the Planning Commission and Mayor I am the best qualified candidate to provide that leadership.  It has been an honor and privilege for me to serve as your Mayor for the past 3 ½ years and I am excited to continue my service to our town for another four years.

Since you are in the real estate business, will that cause any conflicts of interest?

No, not likely.  I’m not a developer; I am a real estate agent that helps people buy and sell houses.  My real estate office is in Louisville and I also own and manage some residential rental properties in Boulder and other communities.   Since serving on the Planning Commission for 6 years and now as mayor for the past 3 ½ years, I have not had to recuse myself from any discussions or decisions because of conflicts of interest during that time.  I do not have any business or other relationships with any developer working on any development projects in the Town of Superior.

What is your political affiliation?

I am registered as Unaffiliated and have been since I first registered to vote in Colorado in 1989.   The office of Mayor and the Trustee positions are non-partisan meaning that individuals run for office without naming a political party affiliation. 

You are accepting campaign contributions so who is funding your campaign?

My campaign is being funded by my personal contributions and we are accepting financial donations from our friends and neighbors.  We are not accepting donations of any type from any corporations, developers, their employees or their affiliates doing business in the Town of Superior. 

When is the election and how do I vote?

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  The election will be an all-mail ballot election meaning that registered voters will receive their ballot by U.S. Mail in mid-October, 2018.  Once completed, ballots can be returned by mail or dropped off at the Town Hall ballot drop-box.  Voter Service Polling Centers will also be available in our area to receive hand-delivered ballots or for in-person voting.  Check with the Boulder County Clerk’s Office, Elections Division for location and hours.  It is also recommended to confirm your mailing address with the County Clerk if you have moved recently or haven’t voted recently.

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